Walking the River Tyne: Corbridge to Hexham

The final part of my Walking the River Tyne Westwards Project is part 8 from Corbridge to Hexham passing through Dilston on the way.

The walk is just over 5 miles and the nature of the paths and hills included makes this walk unsuitable for pushchairs or cycles. It also gets quite muddy at times through the woods making good footwear vital.

Starting off where we left off last time in Corbridge Village cross the bridge over the Tyne.

Take the first gate on your right and walk down to the rough, thin path along the rivers edge and head west along the Tyne. There is a more sensible path about 50 yards up the riverbank which lasts for a mile or so but where is the fun in that!

After 1 mile you come to Devils Water, to the left in the photo below, a tributary of the Tyne.

Turning left away from the Tyne follow the path alongside Devils Water. The path splits off at various points but keep Devils Water on your right

After a short while the path narrows and you come to a railway bridge.

Go through the white gate and cross the railway lines. Carefully!

Following the path you pass what looks like a nursery on your left and soon you come to some steps taking you up into Dilston. After the steps turn right and cross the bridge. Straight after the bridge cross the road and follow the track in front of you.

Soon the track bears right with Dilston Mill B&B on your left.

After a short while you come to Dilston Lodge. Crossing the lane and keeping straight on take the small path on the left of the lodge which soon opens out into a track.

Follow the track taking the time to enjoy the views of the Tyne Valley over on your right.

After a few minutes you come to a farm. Carry straight on crossing over the road and enter the gate.

Continue on up the hill towards Park Wood. Once again take in the views to your right.

Once into Park Wood the path veers slightly to the right. Carry on in a straight line until you come to Dukes House.

Soon after Dukes House the woods on your right open out into a field. At the end of the field take a right at the signpost that says Hexham ½ mile and walk down the side of the field into Halfmile Wood.

Once into the woods carry on down to the bottom of the hill. As you come out of the woods carry on keeping left at a fork in the path.

This path begins the final descent into the centre of Hexham and it's your last chance to see some of the sights of Hexham from above. Two of the most prominent are Hexham Abbey and Egger's chipboard factory!

The path soon leads onto Delegate Lane. Turn left and follow the lane which gives your last great view of Hexham town centre from above.

At the end of the lane turn right and go down Gallows Bank and Eastgate into the town centre.

At the end of Easgate cross the road and turn left and walk the length of Fore Street which brings you out at Hexham Abbey.

Turn right into Market Place then turn your second right and go down Hallstile Bank turning right at the roundabout onto Alemouth Road which after passing Hexham Railway Station brings you to the River Tyne at Hexham.

A lot more photos of Hexham Town Centre will follow on this site in a few days.

A map of the route I took.

This walk ends my whole Walking the River Tyne Westwards Project some 3 years after I begun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope I've inspired you to have a wander along one or two of the walks.

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